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PostSubject: Rules READ BEFORE POSTING/APPLYING   Mon Nov 30, 2009 1:27 pm

We are a friendly bunch but these rules are there to make sure everyone has fun and keep everything on the upside so please follow at all times!

1. No interclan abuse: Banter is ok but make sure it doesn't go too far. If any leader feels this rule is being broken you will be told immediately and warned against it!

2. Wear clan [AsG*] tags in all applicable clan games: There to show who we are and that we are all part of the same group. NOTE this does not apply to public games as people tend to back out when they see a clan in a public match.

3. Always show leaders and captains respect: If you do what's asked of you it will help the clan to run smoothly and fairly, if they ask you to do something please listen.

4. Don't go too far with insulting others in public matches: This is to protect both your name and AsG as if you are seen to behave badly it will reflect onto us all.

5. Talk to a leader/captain if you're having problems: Don't try to solve disputes yourselves as this can more often make things worse.

6. Be enthusiastic: Simple enough Razz

7. Have FUN! thats what your here for.

PS. No beating Supa DX at any game. EVER... he will get cross.
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